Middle Finger to Cancer would like to announce that with all of our supporters and their generosity we have donated $50,000 to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Social Work Fund. The fund helps patients with the ancillary costs of care: transportation, child care, parking, out of town lodging, etc. These types of expenses can keep patients from seeking care at specialty sarcoma centers far from home. Further, those with a cancer diagnosis are 2.5 times more likely to file bankruptcy and the Social Work Fund helps ease that burden.

 We were lucky enough to present this donation with Dr. Athanasian. Dr. Athanasian is one of the few specialists in sarcomas of the upper extremities in the world. It was his knowledge and dedication to his patients that saved Trent and Jake’s entire hand. Dr. Athanasian exemplifies the type of limb and life saving care often only available at sarcoma centers. It is this dedication, and that of other specialists like him, that inspired Middle Finger to Cancer’s mission to make sure all sarcoma patients have access to the best care available.

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